Products & Services

Products & Services

SynEnergy Partners set the standard in fuel quality and performance, with CountryMark brand fuels that is 100% American made.

From crude oil in the Illinois basin, to our Southern Indiana refinery, to your tank; we control quality every step of the way. SynEnergy services all of southern Indiana, northern Kentucky, and eastern Illinois – “We fuel the Midwest work ethic.” Get more per gallon with SynEnergy and CountryMark branded fuels.



SynEnergy has a proud history of customer service and reliability in providing quality CountryMark fuels and Lubes to our Farm and Commercial Accounts.

The CountryMark Refinery located in Mt. Vernon Indiana processes 30,000 barrels of local crude oil per day, operating 24 hours per day 365 days a year. CountryMark is a reliable supplier of market-leading energy products for farms, fleets and families in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio and Michigan.

SynEnergy Partners LLC

CountryMark sources local crude from the Illinois Basin, which includes southern Illinois, southern Indiana and western Kentucky. Transport trucks and a network of pipelines stretching 400 miles bring local crude oil into the refinery. Local crude oil that is locally refined provides a dependable source of domestic energy, which aides in domestic energy independence and security.

We are continually investing in state of the art fueling equipment from tank monitors to our fleet of trucks.

Products we supply


SynEnergy Partners is proud to supply Peak Blue DEF to our agricultural, industrial, mining and commercial customers in 2.5 gallon jugs, 55 gallon drums, 330 gallon totes and bulk. Contact a SynEnergy Partners representative to discover more.

What Does Diesel Exhaust Fluid Do?
Diesel Exhaust Fluid is sprayed into the diesel exhaust streams of diesel engines to lower the concentration of nitrogen oxide, NOx, in emissions.

Why BlueDEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid?
Engineered for use in Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems on diesel engines, BlueDEF diesel exhaust fluid is comprised of a high-purity synthetic urea and deionized water mixture that improves emissions and fuel economy.

How Diesel Exhaust Fluid Works.
When injected into the exhaust stream with a specialized dosing module, BlueDEF’s water vaporizes, leaving ammonia molecules en route to the catalytic converter; once there, it converts NOx molecules into harmless nitrogen and water vapor—making for cleaner emissions. To ensure Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) performance, diesel exhaust fluids must adhere to the ISO 22241 Standards.


What is DEF Fluid Made Of?
Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is made with 32.5% urea, (NH2)2CO, and 67.5% deionized water. Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is non-toxic and safe to handle, but it can corrode some metals, so it must be stored and transported carefully.


SynEnergy Partners has a variety of programs to suit your needs.

Scheduled Delivery
Take the worry out of winter. Keep your propane tank full. We’ll calculate your usage and schedule your next delivery. For large users we have an electronic tank monitoring system available for those that have uneven or large consumption patterns.

Budget Plans
Budget payments keep your heating costs spread out over time. Payments are made monthly and credited to your account and can be made by credit/debit card or checking account. Rates are locked in for a period of 10 months in an effort to keep your heating costs stable throughout the winter.

Propane Pre-Buy Plan
Every summer we offer seasonal price protection through our pre-buy program. This allows you to pre-purchase your propane needs for the following heating season at a fixed price per gallon. We pre-Buy the needs of our customers and store this product in underground caverns until needed. At the end of the Pre-Buy period, any of the unused propane will be converted back to a credit on your account so you will never lose your investment.

Propane Tank Program
We install and lease 250, 500 and 1000-gallon tank systems for residential and commercial accounts. Tanks are available at affordable pricing and are sized based on your estimated annual propane needs.

Ordering propane

If you wish to order propane by phoning your propane order, you may call your local office whose phone number is indicated on the location page of this website. You may also order online. You should order when your tank float gauge reads between 25% and 35% to allow us enough time to make your delivery. We usually can deliver your propane within 4 working days, although during the heating season the delivery time can be longer depending on weather conditions, delivery volume & other factors.

[Order Online] [Find my local Propane office]

We must leak test the propane system whenever there is an interruption of service such as an out of gas situation, changing a gas appliance, changing a regulator, etc. We provide one free leak test per customer. You may be charged for additional leak tests beyond the one free test. For additional information on leak testing, see

SynEnergy Partners LLC

Letting your propane tank run empty can be a dangerous situation.

The tank may have run out because of a gas leak. The pressure change also stresses the pipe joint compound. The service valve on the supply tank should be turned off if the tank runs empty. Care must be used when the appliances are placed back into service. We will not deliver to an out of gas situation unless the homeowner is present to allow us to perform a leak test, inspect the appliances, and put the appliances back into service. There may be additional charges for this service. Should this situation occur often, we may discontinue service to your site.

If you need emergency after hours service, please call your local office who will have a recorded message indicating the contact number of whom you may contact. After hours service fees and charges may apply. All fees and charges need to be paid to our employee at the time this service is provided.

To promote delivery efficiency which keeps our price of propane as low as possible, we require the following minimum delivery amounts:

  • 500 gallons in a 1,000-gallon tank
  • 275 gallons in a 500-gallon tank


SynEnergy knows that no two farms or fleets are the same and your equipment and fleet requires products and services that are as unique as your operation. That’s why we are proud to be a full line stocking dealer for CountryMark Advantage Lubricants and Greases, Phillips 66 Lubricants and Greases, Peak Antifreeze and our SynEnergy House Brand Lubricants. These products are in stock and ready for delivery today in the following packages:

  • Packaged Lubricants/Greases/Antifreezes (Quarts, Gallons, Pails, Tubes)
  • Drums Lubricants/Greases/Antifreezes
  • Totes Lubricants and Antifreezes
  • Bulk Lubricants/Greases/Antifreezes

In addition to our lubricant, grease and antifreeze products SynEnergy also offers the following products and services to assist your needs:

  • 24/7 Customer Support and Technical Assistance Hotline (Speak with product engineers and professionals from CountryMark, Phillips 66 or Peak on product application and performance.)
  • On-Site Assistance and Support
  • Customer Training Seminars and Classes
  • Lubricant/Grease/Antifreeze Dispensing Equipment (Bulk Tanks, Hose Reels, Pumps, Nozzles)
  • Lubricant and Antifreeze Analysis Scans (These scans are an excellent tool in identifying, diagnosing and preventing problems before they occur.)

Find products that work as hard as you do at protecting your investment. Contact your SynEnergy Partners Representative, complete the Contact Us form or visit the following links to learn more today.

OilsGuardolFleetFinal Charge Global



Retail service stations, commercial sites or other delivery, we have the experience to handle the load professionally. We also offer daily fuel price quotes for all of your transport fuels.

SynEnergy Partners also offers Transport loads and forward contracting. Ask us how we can help you save and get more per gallon.

SynEnergy Partners LLC
SynEnergy Partners LLC

SynEnergy Partners LLC


The SynEnergy Price Risk Management / Hedging Program is a contractual agreement that allows our fuel customers to lock in fuel prices for a specific period of time, helping them minimize fuel price risk and better manage their fuel budget to control energy costs. Because we understand that all of our customers have unique energy needs, our fuel contracting program doesn’t follow a one-size fits all approach. Contracting is ideal for customers with both large and small scale fuel needs.

  • You pick the fuel amount
  • You pick the contract period
  • You pick the delivery schedule

Let us monitor the markets and take the guesswork out of fuel purchasing for you.


Our Advantage Lubricant line is chemically formulated to deliver superior protection and performance. We carry a full line of lubricants for all your on and off road equipment.

Lube Scans provide a preventative tool that lets you know how well your equipment is holding up to stop problems before they occur.

Lube Scan


SynEnergy Partners is proud to offer job site tanks for your operations in the field. With an array of tank sizes and pump options rest assured we offer the equipment and the service to handle any job, large or small. Jobsite tanks offer the no hassle convenience and flexibility to have fuel storage where you need it, when you need it with 24 hour, 7 day a week service.

SynEnergy Partners specializes in tank sets and service for excavation projects, road construction and reconstruction projects, industrial and commercial building projects and natural disaster cleanup and recovery efforts.

Our most common jobsite equipment includes, but is not limited to the following resources:

  • Self-contained double wall tanks (300 Gallon, 500 Gallon, 1000 Gallon)
  • 12 Volt or 110 Volt pumps with or without meters
  • 24/7 customer support and delivery options
  • Wet-hosing of on-site equipment, generators or light plants (This service offers the flexibility and convenience to those customers who wish to have an uninterrupted supply of fuel but do not have the capability to have a storage tank on-site)
  • Bulk or packaged lubricant, grease and DEF deliveries to your jobsite

No matter where your next job or project may take you, depend on our years of expertise, knowledge and service to fuel your success.

Job Site Work

Job Site Work



SynEnergy Partners has the ability to provide 24/7 remote tank monitoring and fuel management services to our customers. SMARTank™ provides you with the connectivity to remotely check your tank inventory from a computer or smart device, anytime, anywhere with secure online access.

SMARTank™ is a wireless platform that can simply be added to your existing tanks and requires no external power, phone connections or control boxes and it allows you to have your inventories at your fingertips.

Fuel buyers, with the assistance of their SynEnergy Partners representative, have benefitted from remote tank monitoring by:

  • Reducing exposure to volatile market swings
  • Increasing delivery efficiencies
  • Reducing fuel purchasing costs, thus adding more to your bottom line

Let your SynEnergy Partners representative take the guesswork out of fuel purchasing by working with you to remotely monitor your inventories and capitalize on best buy opportunities.


SynEnergy Partners and our employees realize that your fuel needs expand beyond typical land based operations. That’s why we have a team of dedicated, skilled and certified individuals assigned to refueling locomotives and marine vessels whenever and wherever the need arises.

Rail and marine customers have come to rely on SynEnergy Partners for timely, safe and efficient refueling of their assets on land and water. SynEnergy Partners is a US Coast Guard certified company with access to many ports throughout Southern Indiana, Southern Illinois and Northwestern Kentucky. In addition, our trucks are equipped with the latest and most up to date specialized equipment to ensure refueling is done in an environmentally friendly fashion.

Our 24/7 service is second to none and provides you the peace of mind knowing that your asset is not sitting idle.

Contact us today to see how SynEnergy Partners can complement your operation.

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