About us

About Us

Posey County Co-op & Superior Ag, both have an ownership stake with SynEnergy, providing propane and liquid power fuels that are American-refined through CountryMark branded fuels. SynEnergy Partners is a local owned cooperative that supports communities where employees and customers live and work, keeping profits local and every day delivering on promises made. SynEnergy maintains a profitable energy supply company providing local income to our member owners while servicing customers in Southern Indiana, Southern Illinois and Western Kentucky and by providing the finest service in the markets we serve, selling quality products at competitive pricing. Service work and installations are performed by certified drivers and technicians, to provide optimal product delivered to commercial, home and agricultural locations – setting a standard in quality. Because at SynEnergy- “We’re a Service Company”.

Our people make the difference
SynEnergy partners employees are professional, friendly, service driven people and they’re your neighbors too! We live where you live and we take pride in the communities we work and live in.

Local Income
SynEnergy invests in our local communities giving back to the customers we service.

We provide quality CountryMark products at the best prices with the finest service in the markets we serve.”

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SynEnergy Partners LLC continues to monitor COVID-19 around the clock under the guidance of our Global Crisis and Regional Incident Management teams, and we have responded as a company with compassion for those who may be affected as well as an abundance of caution to limit the spread of the virus.

We are also taking measures to ensure business continuity remains unimpacted during this time.