Changing demand for petroleum products has led to operational changes at U.S. refineries

Demand for transportation fuels in the United States has fallen since mid-March because of the spread of coronavirus and efforts to mitigate it. Demand for motor gasoline and jet fuel in particular has fallen to its lowest levels in years. In response, U.S. refineries reduced their operations to adjust to changing levels of overall demand for petroleum products and made other changes that resulted in proportionately less production of motor gasoline and jet fuel and more production of distillate fuel oil.
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SynEnergy Partners LLC continues to monitor COVID-19 around the clock under the guidance of our Global Crisis and Regional Incident Management teams, and we have responded as a company with compassion for those who may be affected as well as an abundance of caution to limit the spread of the virus.

We are also taking measures to ensure business continuity remains unimpacted during this time.