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PARTNER CountryMark

Partnered with CountryMark - American-owned oil refinery

SynEnergy services

This is the heart of America, which is why we have a passion for delivering the highest quality fuels…right here in America!

SynEnergy Partners is proud to supply 100% American-refined CountryMark branded fuels. CountryMark is Indiana’s only American-Owned Oil Refinery and is recognized as a nationwide leader in the distribution of biofuels such as biodiesel and ethanol. We are what is good for America which makes us good for you!

CountryMark-branded fuels

Fuels – We set the standard in fuel quality and performance and is 100% American made.

Propane – We provide and deliver for commercial, home, and agricultural use.

Transportation/Contracting – We offer transport loads and forward contracting.

Lubricants – We deliver equipment protection and well-trained expertise for your fleet and your success.