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Monday, July 7th, 2014

SynEnergy Partners, CountryMark & Fruedenbergs would like to thank all those who stopped by to fill up their tanks on Friday 6-27-14 during our “Fueling For Freedom Promotion”  For every gallon pumped, we donated $.50 cents to the local National Guard.  Also we donated $1.00 for every gallon of lubricant sold.  SynEnergy Partners strives to provide quality fuels to our customers.  That is why we use CountryMark All American fuels.  We were proud to have this opportunity to give back to the community and support our local National Guard.  This was our way of saying “thank you for your service”.

There were 33 sites across the state of Indiana that participated in the “Fueling For Freedom” Promotion.  A total of 86,570 gals. were pumped and  $48,230.36 was raised throughout the state, (including donations).   This money will be distributed throughout the state to area National Guards. Thank you again for your support!