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With CountryMark brand fuels, SynEnergy Partners sets the standard in fuel quality and performance, and is 100% American made.
From crude oil in the Illinois basin, to our refinery in Southern Indiana, and finally into your tank, we control quality every step of the way, and it all starts right here at home. Servicing all of southern Indiana, northern Kentucky, and eastern Illinois. Get more per gallon with SynEnergy Partners and CountryMark fuel. “We fuel the Midwest work ethic.”
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CountryMark Diesel Fuel: From heavy-duty farm and construction applications to on-road use, CountryMark diesel fuels are engineered for maximum power and efficiency. Our premium diesel fuels are refined from 100% American crude oil for the highest quality fuel available.
In the CountryMark trade area, Premium Dieselex-4 is the clear market leader. Almost 70% of farmers and 50% of school districts count on PDX-4 for power and performance. This is a 50-cetane fuel, which helps with quicker starts and greater engine power. Drivers also notice lower engine maintenance costs, longer engine life and greater value from this premium diesel fuel.
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Our #2 Diesel meets ultra low sulfur standards and is backed by the extensive technical and sales resources of CountryMark’s refining and distribution system.

 #2 diesel#2 diesel onroad



If you’re looking for optimal gas mileage and engine performance, look no farther than CountryMark’s lineup of all-American PLUS gasolines. All of the gasolines in the CountryMark PLUS line meet TOP TIER standards, which keep engines running smoothly, improve engine performance and reduce vehicle emissions. These 100% American-made gasoline products begin with American crude oil and are refined to the highest specifications at the CountryMark refinery in Mt. Vernon, Indiana.

87 plus 89 plus

91 plus    93 plus





SynEnergy Partners also offers Transport loads and forward contracting. Ask us how we can help you save and get more per gallon.


Looking for a propane company that ensures reliability, comfort and safety? Count on the experience of SynEnergy Partners to deliver! SynEnergy delivers HD5 Propane for commercial, home and agricultural use. We also provide tanks in various sizes & LP cylinders to businesses.
Contact us today for your home, business, and agricultural propane needs.


CountryMark Advantage Lubricants have been formulated to exceeded customer expectations and better anticipate future lubricant needs. CountryMark recognizes that as engines have become more sophisticated, so too has their need for high quality lubricants. CountryMark’s Advantage lubricant are professional-grade lubricants that extend drain intervals, reduce maintenance costs, extend engine life and deliver greater lubricant value. SynEnergy Partners is a proud supplier of CountryMark Advantage Lubricants.
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