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Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

Automated Trucking
Nathan Berg’s mission at Automated Trucking is twofold – keep the company’s fleet of 40 trucks on the road and look for ways to reduce maintenance costs. Nathan recently found the keys to kingdom with CountryMark Advantage Full Synthetic DEO 5W40. With the switch to CountryMark Advantage Lubricants, Nathan has kept the company’s trucks on the road and has taken maintenance costs from 7.25 cents per mile to 6 cents per mile. “I’ve gone from changing oil three times per year to twice a year,” says Berg. “I’m reducing what I spend on oil and I’m reducing the manpower needed to service these trucks. The quality of this oil is impressive. Here’s an example. We’ve got a Western Star truck with a Mercedes engine. I’ve been watching this truck closely through the CountryMark Total Analysis Lube Scan program. The last time this truck came into the shop, it had 541,000 miles on the engine and 60,000 miles on the oil. I pulled an oil sample, ran it through the Total Analysis Program and was pleased to see the report. The oil was still doing its job. No need to change. Now that’s value.”
– Nathan Berg, Automated Transportation, St. Meinrad, Indiana

Young Trucking
Greg Young of Young Trucking in Bloomington, Indiana, has seen the value of the CountryMark Advantage Lubricants and the Total Analysis Program. “I decided to put my oil to the challenge,” said Young. “I picked two tri-axle trucks off our lot. I ran Chevron 15W40 through one, and I ran CountryMark Advantage DEO 15W40 through another. At 10,000 miles, I pulled a sample of the Chevron oil, ran it through the Total Analysis Lube Scan program, and it came back flagged for soot. At the same time, I pulled a sample of the CountryMark Advantage oil. I ran the Advantage oil through the Total Analysis program and it came back clean. That truck was at 13,000 miles. I ran the test again on the CountryMark Advantage oil at 20,000 miles and it was still performing in the normal range. That’s twice as many miles as my old oil brand. Extended drains save me time and money, and that’s why I count on CountryMark Advantage Lubricants for my entire fleet. I’m very satisfied.”
– Greg Young, Young Trucking, Bloomington, Indiana